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Starting from humble beginnings in 2015, as a home studio, Divine Flow found its true calling when we expanded to outdoor yoga classes, taking full advantage of Sydney’s glorious sunrises and breathtaking beach scenery. (We really do have the best beaches!)  To continue providing the best, inspirational classes to each one of our yogis, we decided to open our very own studio in Brookvale, Sydney – a place each one of you can call home, to set aside time to focus on sharing the gift of connection through yoga and meditation.

Our vision is to move with purpose and passion. First, we need to create the space and then as we flow through our practice, we bring awareness to our foundation.

Woman doing yoga pose

At Divine Flow Yoga in Brookvale we believe in empowering each other, we love grooving to music, we love community, healthy living and raw beauty. Take a look below for details on our 6 week beginner classes, membership and drop-in rates, and our full yoga timetable.

Practice with Passion

30 Days of Yoga & Pilates

Get ready for summer with our new 30 day yoga & pilates program starting October 7th

Yoga Timetable

Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Mum & Bub

Comprehensive Timetable for Beginners to Advanced.

Beginners Yoga Deal

Beginners 6 Week Course for $118

For a Limited Time Only. Until Course is full.

Prices & Memberships

Drop in casually or join the DF community on a membership

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