Divine Flow's

5 Week Beginner Program

Begins Thursday 3rd November 2022

Join our 38th program for Beginners! At Divine Flow we are passionate about welcoming in beginners to our studio. With our dedicated 5 week program you will be introduced to the elements of starting and building a solid foundation. Our program is also suitable to regular practitioners wanting to move slower and solidify the foundations and tools.

No Prior Yoga Experience Needed

Our beginner program is designed specifically for people who have little to no yoga experience, or yogis that may not have practiced for a long period of time. This program is to help establish awareness in the body and understand how to move your body in and out of yoga poses in a safe and controlled environment. Build a consistent and lasting practice that will help to increase mobility and strength with easeful postures designed to bring vitality and energy into your life.

Experience and flexibility are developed overtime and are not necessary to join our beginners yoga program. All you need is the desire to start, comfy clothes and a yoga mat.

Strengthen Your Foundations

This program is an offering to acknowledge the importance of why we are utilising these tools and technologies so that we have the awareness to observe all sensations that showcase themselves.

Our aim is to give you the guidance to create a lasting practice so you can dismantle and dissolve structures that cause disharmony in the body and mind.

Whether you are new to yoga or a practiced yogi, this program will support your journey by deepening your awareness and understanding.

Unwind From The Stresses of Life

We seek to share and service the collective through the ancient tools and wisdom of yoga, constantly teaching and sharing inspiring holistic ways to enhance one’s life, both on and off the mat. Our mission is to evolve the body and mind. Start your self care ritual and make yoga a lasting habit.

Increase Strength & Flexibility

Our skillful teachers carefully craft their classes to help guide a student’s physical experience so that every time they step on the mat they are receiving deep anatomical benefits. Our students report that they feel stronger and more capable in their bodies with consistent practice and because of that they are dedicated to showing up for the deep healing and restoring qualities received. Flexibility is something that is developed and not required to participate in a yoga room, especially ours.

Explore Our Brookvale Studio

Let us welcome you personally to this space. We want to connect with you and share the many ways to make the most of your practice and the community around you.

Hear From Another Beginner

I am a 47 year old tradie/ex-rugby player and I have put my body through hell by not stretching or maintaining my flexibility.

I was looking for a yoga studio that I could feel comfortable going to without feeling judged, pressured or inadequate. My niece told me about Divine Flow and that I should give it a go. I can't really put into words how much I love going to Divine Flow. It has such a fantastic vibe and I feel truly valued by all of the instructors. They really care about my personal practice and give me things to do at home to get more benefit out of it.

I also bring my 17 year old daughter who is in year 11, Eliza has really taken an interest in her and is a fantastic mentor and role model for her. I now feel happier, more flexible and relaxed thanks to the Divine Flow team and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about giving yoga a go, to come to Divine Flow… you won't regret it!

- Guy, Divine Flow Beginner

Join The Beginners Program

Lead Facilitator: Eliza Hayward

Eliza is a yoga and meditation teacher, mentor and retreat host. She is renowned for her passion and joy while honouring the practices of yoga which overflows into the community.



normally $130!

5 Week Beginners Program

Week 1

Thursday 3rd November 2022, 7:30pm

Week 2

Thursday 10th November 2022, 7:30pm

Week 3

Thursday 17th November 2022, 7:30pm

Week 4

Thursday 24th November 2022, 7:30pm

Week 5

Thursday 1st December 2022, 7:30pm

Program Inclusions

5 tailored foundational classes each week

Unlimited Access to our yoga studio for 5 weeks

Access to our on demand classes / online portal

Weekly 15 minute meditation group

Informative emails including instructional video

Receive a free course guide