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Divine Flow Yoga offers dedicated yoga classes with at least one Beginners' yoga session daily at various times to fit into your busy schedule. Our next Beginners' yoga course starts on the 4th February 2019!
Receive unlimited access to 18 beginner style classes. You can choose to start in our Monday 6.15pm Beginner slot or pick another class that works for you. Scroll to the bottom to review our Beginner timetable. Included is a Beginner guide upon signing up and receive weekly informative emails and support from our senior team as part of the program.

  • $89
    Beginners Program
  • Early bird price

    4th February 2019

  • $22
    Drop in casual class
  • Valid for 1 class
  • $25
    Introductory Offer
  • 5 classes in 2 weeks

Yoga makes you feel better

It’s as simple as that and it is why so many people get hooked on yoga. You will always feel better after a yoga class. Of course if you start with an advanced class while being a beginner you might end up feeling frustrated.

Yoga makes your body strong, supple and healthy

Of course you need to give it a chance but most people start feeling a lot of the physical benefits of yoga during their first class. Your flexibility will increase, your fitness levels improve, your muscles will grow stronger and become more supple.

Improves, Corrects and Strengthens Posture

The physical practice of Yoga works on creating openness and flexibility throughout the body including the spine and hips which can encourage and correct any misalignments in posture. The physical practice of Yoga works on creating openness and flexibility throughout the body including the spine and hips which can encourage and correct any misalignments in posture. If you have been sitting and/or walking around slouched for a prolonged period of time (it is very common) your muscles and connective tissues have formed and strengthened in that shape. Practicing Yoga can alleviate and correct posture.

Yoga helps you to make better choices

Becoming healthier and experiencing all the benefits of yoga will make you more aware and able to choose things in life that support this positive journey. You will slowly become more aware how things influence you. You will find you naturally want to make changes to your diet, choosing foods which support your health and yoga practice.


"I am a 47 year old tradie/ex-rugby player and I have put my body through hell by not stretching or maintaining my flexibility. I was looking for a yoga studio that I could feel comfortable going to without feeling judged, pressured or inadequate. My niece told me about Divine Flow and that I should give it a go. I can't really put into words how much I love going to Divine Flow. It has such a fantastic vibe and I feel truly valued by all of the instructors. They really care about my personal practice and give me things to do at home to get more benefit out of it. I also bring my 17 year old daughter who is in year 11, Eliza has really taken an interest in her and is a fantastic mentor and role model for her. I now feel happier, more flexible and relaxed thanks to the Divine Flow team and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about giving yoga a go, to come to Divine Flow… you won't regret it!"


"I experienced a serious groin injury whilst snowboarding where I ripped both adductor muscles leaving me in constant pain and lacking mobility throughout my lower back. This led to months of rehab. Seeing little progress throughout the rehabilitation process, I was still having many paralysing surfs where my lower back would completely lock up, leaving me struggling to paddle back to shore. With little confidence that I would ever make a full recovery, Eliza asked me to come and try a yoga class at Divine Flow Yoga. To my surprise after a few short months of practice, my mobility and flexibility started to improve. For the first time in quite a while I was surfing pain and worry free. Since practicing yoga I haven’t had any issues regarding back pain and I feel that it has further strengthened my core and my overall wellbeing."

Jake Mackintosh

"My experience with Divine Flow is amazing, I have struggled all my life with sports, not being able to breathe properly as I suffer from sport asthma. Now in every class I can connect with my body, breath and been aware of all my movements and strength. I found my place to sit and be connected with my body, quiet my mind and found my place within. An experience I recommend to everyone, just come and have a go. You will never be the same."

Ivana Acro

"Both my husband and I absolutely love coming to yoga weekly. We recently signed up for the 5 day yoga pass and loved it so we decided to join & go to yoga 2x a week. We have been enjoying Eliza's classes. Would definitely recommend coming to the studio! The teachers are friendly and a very helpful especially for us beginners."

Angela Galea

"Doing the beginner classes (6 wk course) with my teenage daughter and we both love it. It's a great way for us to bond while gaining all the great benefits yoga has to offer. Eliza's knowledge and teachings are inspiring - each class is slightly different. Thoroughly enjoy it!!"

Simone Newton
6.00 - 6.45am
Divine Pilates
6.00 - 6.45am
Slow Flow
9.30 - 10.30am
Restorative Yoga

Slow Yoga
Slow Yoga
8.30 - 9.30am
Slow Yoga
9.45 - 10.35am
Divine Pilates
5.30 - 6.30pm
Restorative Yoga
Beginner Yoga
3.00 - 4.00pm
Divine YIN
4.15 - 5.15pm
Divine YIN
7.30 - 8.30pm
Divine YIN
7.45 - 8.45pm
Divine YIN
7.45 - 8.45pm
Divine YIN
Divine Yin

Yoga Benefits Beyond The Mat 

Never have so many people been doing some form of yoga practice on the planet. Here are a range of physical, emotional and mental benefits recorded in a 2017 Survey.

Yoga helps to manage daily stress 0
Yoga helps increase physical strength 0
Yoga helps to increase flexibility 0
Yoga contributed to healing an injury or a pain 0
New to Yoga?

We know that your first yoga class can be scary. We’ve been there too. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be fit or flexible. You don’t need special yoga clothes and you don’t even need a yoga mat, Divine Flow Yoga will provide mats and any required props. Simply turn up 10-15 minutes early, and wear comfortable clothes. Feeling a little nervous? Read our Frequently Asked Questions to help ease your mind.


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