Blue Mountains Yoga & Hiking Retreat


We recently guided two yoga retreats in the mountains, at a time where our pace of life is getting more and more full and time to ourselves is increasingly rare. We all feel the need to recharge our batteries, live in the moment and take in fresh air. Those “ah hah” moments when we find our two feet grounded in the richness of a new path while immersed in the density of the mountains.

Our Blue Mountains retreats were a weekend of nourishment, nature, relaxation and adventure! With daily yoga practice in a cosy local studio surrounded by an outlook of greenery and a crackling fireplace. One of the most important things you can do in life is take time out to replenish yourself, what better way to do it than a weekend filled of nature, smiles and laughs.

Yoga in the Mountains

Jennifer Cai

“I joined Eliza and Andrew on their yoga and hiking retreat in the Blue Mountains, without being a student at the studio beforehand but still felt comfortable and supported throughout the weekend. The food was delicious and the yoga, divine. Eliza’s teaching style was refined and a true sensory experience that made you feel at ease.”

Sienna Berney

“I’ve just come back from the Blue Mountains Retreat and LOVED everything about it! All was organised from morning til night with yoga, walks, chill time, amazing food and people! The yoga sessions run by Eliza were heaven!! Perfect for all skill sets. Looking forward to the next retreat!”


“A sweet break & breath of fresh air without carving out too much time from the to-do list. The house and studio were in excellent locations; gorgeous scenery and breathtaking views all around us! I fell in love with the studio immediately, such a beautiful and cosy space! We were led through 4 beautiful flows by Eliza, allowing us to open up with gentle movement, complimenting our hiking activities. The house was quirky with lots of character, and our meals were so nourishing and tasty! A wonderful experience, shared with the amazing DF community.”


“What a great way to connect with a new bunch of people – staying in a cosy cottage in the mountains with home-cooked meals, cups of tea by the fireplace, a beautiful hike in the area down to a majestic waterfall, and lots of divine yoga classes. Eliza’s teaching style allows you to switch off, relax and re-connect. Accompanied by some sweet tunes from Andrew, the classes were perfect for the weekend away. Thank you guys for such a magical experience.”


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