• Go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=342677 and log In
  • Then click the Courses tab
  • Select Date
  • Click the Sign Up Now button for the class you (or the other person) want to attend
  • Select the radio button next to ‘Make reservation for’ Myself or Someone else
  • When you select for Someone elseenter their Full Name in the box that appears below.
  • Click Make a Single Reservation
  • Should you wish to book more classes, select the date from the calendar and repeat the process.

If you are following these instructions for the first time, on completion please send your full name, the full name of the second person, the second persons mobile number or email address, and the studio location to eliza@divineflowyoga.com so we can activate your reservations. 

The full timetable of classes is listed above.

How to Cancel Your Yoga Class Bookings

  • Ensure you are logged in to your Mindbody account. Click My account button, log in.
  • Select My Schedule.
  • Click cancel next to the class you can no longer attend
  • Then log out or press the X on the top right

Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Please give a minimum 2 weeks notice if you need to suspend or terminate your membership
  2. Contact eliza@divineflowyoga.com
  3. Membership will run via direct debit until it is cancelled or suspended
  4. Some classes may be subject to change or cancellation

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