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Busy Bodies – Simple exercises for workplace – Desk Therapy – Neck Stretch

It is common to hold most of our tension across the shoulders into the neck. Particularly if your neck is feeling stiff or compressed. Neck injuries and poor posture can be a result of soft tissues shortening. Like all joints they need to be regularly stretched.



Sit up right and leave a space between you and the back of your seat. Take a breath in to feel the head directly align over the spine on your exhale softly drop the right ear towards the right shoulder. Inhaling length to the side of the neck. Let the shoulders remain calm and the facial muscles relaxed. To enhance this stretch you can bring the same hand over and across the face to rest on the left temple guiding down. Visualise the tension in the side of your neck unravelling and stay for 5- 8 breaths. Before going straight to the next side take a break to massage the neck and shoulder then repeat.
I personally like letting the chin drop towards the chest to get into the back on the neck (deeper into the forehead)

This video was created by Tonic Health Media. 

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