Class Styles

We value the authenticty yoga brings, we have classes designed for all students
Beginners Yoga Deal Sydney
We teach you from the ground up. We all start somewhere and this class is perfect for you to ease into yoga by creating space to open and the rest will follow. 
DIVINE YIN Yoga Sydney

Divine YIN

Deep stationary poses to lengthen our yin tissues. The perfect practice for letting go, nourishing mind, body and soul.
strong vinyasa yoga sydney

Strong Vinyasa

A high intensity class that focuses on breath to cool down the body during an inner and outer practice. This is your time to be creative and play in the midst of strength and balance. This is a build up upon Moderate Vinyasa. Arm balances may be included. 
divine hatha yoga class sydney

Divine Hatha

The physical (sun) and mental (moon) energy through practicing classical and advanced postures. Stretch and align the body, promoting balance and flexibility.
divine yang to yin yoga sydney

Divine Yang to Yin

30 mins of vinyasa and 30 mins of yin. Create and sustain heat to then float away deeply into restorative poses. Combining strength and suppleness. 
restorative yoga sydney

Restorative Yoga

A regeneration of the tissues and a calming manipulation of the fascia around our muscles. Move the body slowly and majestically.
moderate vinyasa yoga class sydney

Moderate Vinyasa

A medium-high intensity class that focuses on breathing to transition between postures. This is your time to enhance alignment and strength. We will support you if you are brand new to vinyasa. All is welcome and rest when needed, always.  
divine slow flow yoga class sydney

Divine Slow Flow

A slow flow designed to move you with ease and grace. Its very smooth flow enables us to connect with our mind, body and breath.

Divine Fusion

A sacred fusion of pilates, yoga and qigong. This class honours the natural rhythms and cycles of the body; cleansing our field and filling up our inner cup. We awaken deepest core connection to lengthen, restore and tone the lines of the body, creating radiant health inside and out. All levels welcome, with options to challenge the body and rest as needed.
teen yoga class sydney

Teen Yoga

This fun and creative series of classes for teens has been especially designed for young adults. Yoga is wonderful for helping teens develop focus, become more aligned, mindful, conscious, improve posture and cope with tensions in all areas of life. 
PILATES Yoga Class Sydney


Define your muscles and awaken your core from the inside out! We use resistance bands to stretch and also challenge our muscles. 
MUMS & BUB CLUB yoga class sydney

Mums & Bub Club

Calling out to our beautiful MAMAS!! Come join our NEW Mum and Bub Club! A time to connect with your Bub, deepening the quality of your breath and connecting with your body among a group of like-minded mamas!

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