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About Our Divine Flow Classes

Move to feel better without limitation, with over 35 classes to choose from each week, you will be able to explore the perfect blend of classes that speak specifically to your mind and body’s needs.

All our teachers are constantly keeping up to date with the latest anatomical and movement based best practice as well as deepening their yogic studies so that they can provide you with not just a physical practice but weaving in this ancient practice of yoga and the benefits this has on your life.

A dynamic practice linking breath and movement through a creative series of postures, as well as a strong emphasis on alignment, allowing time to experience each movement while cultivating strength and build heat within the internal body.

Slow Flow cultivates strength and flexibility whilst offers a meditative experience. With the offering being “slow” it helps people to still move but for those that are not committed to a full vinyasa practice this is the happy medium.

A practice that offers tremendous space for rest and renewal. Yin encourages tissue resiliency, improves joint mobility and helps to reduce stress from daily life. You will find yourself in stationery held poses during our 60min class.

A class based on alignment, breathing and centering with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. Safely sculpt your body and feel increased agility in your everyday movements.

Beginner yoga is an accessible class for all body types, ages and experience. We work to simplify the approach to asana to ensure we are teaching students safely from the beginning to be in alignment and move with awareness.

We offer our prenatal class that is specific to your pregnancy in preparation for birth; as well as a gentle, flowing baby-friendly class. A casual class where you can feed, change or just have a cuddle with your bub anytime you need.

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