Class Styles

We value the authenticty yoga brings, we have classes designed for all students
We teach you from the ground up. We all start somewhere and this class is perfect for you to ease into yoga by creating space to open and the rest will follow.
DIVINE YIN Yoga Sydney

Yin (DF1)

Deep stationary poses to lengthen our yin tissues. The perfect practice for letting go, nourishing mind, body and soul. Reset and close out your day or week with this grounding class.

Slow Flow (DF1)

A slow flow designed to move you with ease and grace. This very smooth flow enables us to connect with our mind, body and breath. Expect restful moments along the way, allowing you to feel the depth of each pose both physically and mentally. (Beginner friendly)

Pilates (DF2)

Define your muscles and awaken your core from the inside out! We use resistance bands and props to stretch and also challenge our muscles. Wherever you are right now in your practice, this class will help you build core strength from the ground up. Pilates compliments yoga and we believe both go hand in hand.
divine hatha yoga class sydney

Moderate Vinyasa (DF2)

A medium intensity vinyasa flow where we spend time focusing on the transition between postures and alignment. This is your time to explore the benefits of mindful movement, the perfect blend of integrating movement and breath. Whether you are an experienced – intermediate yogi or DF Beginner Program graduate, rest when you need to.

Power Vinyasa (DF3)

A dynamic vinyasa  class increasing the intensity of our practice with a stronger vinyasa flow. This is your time to be creative and practice lightness between strength and balance with a strong focus on your breath. This is a build up from our Moderate Flow with arm balances and stronger peak poses keeping you on your toes. 
LEGEND Description
EASYDF1A class to build awareness around slower paced movement. Allowing time to focus on breath and sensations in asana (poses).
MEDIUMDF2Exploring dynamic movement and incorporating stabilising asanas to feel deeply connected in the midst of strength. Build your inner strength and connect breath to asana.
CHALLENGEDF3An opportunity to express more strength via arm balances. A step up in strength and movement. The pace of this class still aligns with breath and should ready you for challenge whilst keeping your calm.

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