About Beginners Yoga with Divine Flow

Beginner yoga is an accessible class for all body types, ages and experience. We work to simplify the approach to asana to ensure we are teaching students safely from the beginning to be in alignment and move with awareness.

One of our most popular classes on the timetable as it is also available to someone that has been practising for a while and would like to re-learn and focus on alignment in a slow pace and friendly environment.

There is always room for questions and assistance in this class. Come along to the class ten minutes early to meet your teacher.

What are the benefits of Beginners Yoga?

We believe in progression and growth as a result of practising our beginner classes. This is a safe space to practice slow movement that encourages flexibility and stability, ignites strength from holding postures to awaken the core, reduce stress by practising breath work (pranayama) and calm the mind and nervous system by slowing down.

Is Beginners Yoga right for me?

A class suitable for someone brand new to yoga or simply for any students to strengthen the foundations of their practice.

We commonly see a diverse age group in this class of both men and women. Whether you are nursing an injury, stiff and wanting to encourage more range of motion in the body this class is for you. Rid the mind of expectations and just enjoy an experience of what we call “yoga”.

What can I expect from a Beginners Yoga class with Divine Flow?

This class is slow moving but incorporates different elements each week. Focus on the primary standing postures and how to ground. Break down the sun salutations and understand the link between breath and movement. And lastly, find your flow by creating your very own yoga experience at Divine Flow.

Which instructors teach Beginners Yoga?

Beginners Yoga with Divine Flow is taught by the following instructors:

Eliza Giles

Eliza Hayward

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