Slow Flow

About Slow Flow Yoga with Divine Flow

The gentle nature of this class is suitable for all levels and experience. A meditative form of vinyasa. Whilst the class is slow moving you have the opportunity to pay attention to alignment and truly get to know what it feels like to move in and out of poses safely whilst being guided.

With an intention to incorporate a link between breath and movement you may notice the positive effect on moving the body at a pace where you can observe its natural tendencies.

What are the benefits of Slow Flow Yoga?

Slow Flow cultivates strength and flexibility whilst offers a meditative experience. With the offering being”slow” it helps people to still move but for those that are not committed to a full vinyasa practice this is the happy medium.

Whilst strength is still involved during a slow flow practice you can use the space to understand how and where to correct the body.

Is Slow Flow Yoga right for me?

With the intention to slow things down this class is great for someone that wants to explore a deeper practice. Having a little more space between movement will allow the student to lean into its meditative tendencies. This is great for anyone and also available to a beginner wanting to explore yoga.

We have a handful of slow flow time slots on the schedule and we find that we get anyone from the tradie looking to expel a bit of energy or to simply stretch out from a physical day.

What can I expect from a Slow Flow Yoga class with Divine Flow?

You are in for a 60min treat of slowing things down on and off the mat. This is a class where props are often used as the poses can often be held for a little longer in between breaths.

Which instructors teach Slow Flow Yoga?

Slow Flow Yoga with Divine Flow is taught by the following instructors:

Eliza Hayward

Andrew Hayward

Petra Belluzzo

Phillida Bartik

Olivia Kerr

Tash Talevski

Bianca Kenvyn

Eliza Giles

Acacia Grant

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