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Restore your body and move with purpose at Divine Flow. A boutique yoga studio nestled in the heart of the Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Starting from the beginning in 2015, as home studio, Divine Flow Yoga found its true calling when we expanded to outdoor yoga classes, taking full advantage of Sydney’s glorious sunrises and breathtaking beach scenery. We really do have the best beaches! Fast forward to 2018 and we have grown faster than we could have ever imagined. To continue providing the best, inspirational classes to each one of our yogis, we decided to open our very own studio – a place each one of you can call home, to set aside time to focus on sharing the gift of connection through yoga and meditation in our Brookvale studio.

We are grateful to have settled into our yoga abode on Wattle Road, Brookvale. We're central to local businesses, schools, a short drive to Westfield Warringah, and a quick stroll to the Pittwater Road and Curl Curl Beach, if you fancy a swim post yoga class. Our leafy outlook is calming and nurturing, just like our classes. We want you to feel completely at peace from the minute you walk in to share your practice and leave feeling rejuvenated, empowered and nourished.

Our vision is to move with purpose and passion. First, we need to create the space and then as we flow through our practice, we bring awareness to our foundation.
I look forward to personally welcoming you into our studio.

Divine Flow Community

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Make Yoga Fun

Do you notice how much of an effort you make to get to something you really enjoy? Yoga is no different. When we enjoy our time on the mat, we’re motivated to keep coming back. Regularly. For me, I love nothing more than laughing so if I start to feel a little serious with my practice, I seek out yoga teachers that have me cracking up out loud during a class. I know those classes might not offer me the deepest states of internal connection, but the enjoyment I feel inspires me and balances out the more serious moments on my mat. If you want to inject a bit of lighthearted fun and enjoyment to your practice, I’ve got 4 simple tips for you.


Yogis are a serious-looking bunch! I didn’t realise this until I started teaching, but ask a class to hold Warrior 2 for a minute or two, and they all look like they’re about to take a driving test or visit the dentist. Here’s a tip: Next time you have to hold a challenging pose, try the simple act of curling the corners of the mouth up into a smile and I guarantee, you will immediately start to enjoy the experience more.

Put on some groovy tunes

I love devotional yoga music and often have it going in the background, but I admit it does take my practice to a more serious place. That’s beautiful when I’m looking for that, but I like to balance out the more internal and serious practices with a bit of fun too. On those days when I want to feel a bit more playful on the mat, I put on some upbeat groovy tunes and go with the funky flow. I might not find spiritual enlightenment that day but I’ll be elevated and uplifted nonetheless.

Give arm balances a go

Arm balances are a great way of injecting some fun to your practice! Yep, they can be really challenging, but the process of trying them out can be really uplifting and enjoyable, even if you don’t get remotely airborne.

Practice heart-opening backbends

Life can sometimes throw stuff at you and make you feel as if you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, right? When that happens, what usually results is a heavy feeling around the heart space. The opposite of heavy-hearted is lighthearted, and that transformation is exactly what back-bending postures can facilitate. When we bend backwards, that physically creates an expansive sense of openness across the chest. That physical action makes room for light and love at the heart space.

Yoga Poses
640 - 8450 Muscles
Cycles of breath per minute
Over 60 organs in the body

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