The Divine Flow Story

our studio

The studio was born from a collision of founder Eliza’s natural talent and an innate sense of purpose to guide others in finding the best form of themselves. Fast forward to today where husband and wife duo, Eliza and Andrew (Owners) work together hand in hand through their shared passions of yoga, meditation, beach lifestyle and community. United in this journey, they worked tirelessly together to carve and create the studio you see today on William st. Forever evolving and exploring the many ways to bring world-class teachings and experiences that inform, inspire and empower students everyday rituals.


Sustainably made, our studio is designed to be a sanctuary for the soul and body – leaving you feeling rejuvenated, empowered and nourished after every visit. A space where one is given all of the tools to seek out the light, yet fearlessly confront the shadows. Within our beautiful white walls, you will find world-class teachings and events to harness your own unique ritual, giving you the perspective, steadiness and understanding you need to guide you on your journey.


We look forward to welcoming you into what we hope will be your solace and enrich your daily life.



our location

Today's Divine Flow studio is nestled amongst the inspiring Northern Beaches of Sydney, in the heart of Brookvale, behind all of its local amenities - local businesses, schools, B-Line, Health Centre, cafes and a short stroll to Warringah Mall.