Overcoming the Fear of Handstands – Beginner Workshop

11th October 2020


10am - 12pm


Divine Flow


22 William Street, Brookvale NSW


Danny O'Sullivan





About This Event

Over the past 5 years Danny has run his international workshops and is now bringing it to us at our beautiful space on the Northern beaches.

This Beginner friendly program will help you on your own journey to achieving a handstand.

These methods have been used for the past 5 years on 100’s of different people, from office workers, fitness enthusiasts, to complete beginners.

Danny has helped people in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s go from afraid to kick up against a wall, to now holding 10-30 seconds+ freestanding handstands.

Danny is super passionate about educating people on how to train efficiently and effectively.


In this Workshop:


  • Learn the basics to achieve a handstand
  • Understanding Tension in your handstand (What is too much, and what is not enough)
  • Building capacity in your handstand
  • Refine technique and alignment
  • Breathing in a handstand
  • Learning the art of re-balancing & how to save your handstand
  • Immerse yourself into the world of arm-balancing

Upon completion of this workshop you will be given the option to purchase the online discount to a lifetime access to Danny’s 30 day online Level 1 Handstand course.


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