We recommend you join our Monday evening beginner class for your very first beginner experience. Please know there are no expectations, you will feel comfortable in this space alongside others practising beginner style yoga. We also recommend you try our Restorative, Yin and Meditation class to ignite your yoga path.

Due to the nature of Yoga and Pilates the beginning of a class is an important aspect of you practice as it sets up the way you move throughout the class. We ask that you please arrive at a minimum 5 minutes before class so that you have time to set up and not disturb your fellow yogi’s.

We are passionate about beginners! We all need to start somewhere we too have been there. Practice a few times a week and we will progress your practice so you can feel how good it feels to be flexible, stronger more mindful and body aware!

Take a light hearted approach and start your journey in our Beginner class every Monday where you learn the foundations, the why, the biomechanics and how to get in and out of poses safely whilst slowing things down. We also recommend booking into YIN, Restorative or Slow Flow – click here to read more about our class styles to pick the right class for you.

We hear this all too often. Yes! You can most definitely do yoga. It is a bit like thinking you need to be able to surf before you have surf lessons. Come exactly as you are and you will find in a short time with consistency you will become more flexible. All of our teachers are highly trained and will offer variations to poses and there to support you in any way they can.

Yes, we have mat hire available at reception.

All you need to begin practising yoga with us is your body, your mind and a bit of curiosity. It is also helpful to wear comfortable clothes that allow movement such as leggings or shorts, singlets or t shirts that are not too baggy (trust us).

You will also be barefoot so be sure to kick your shoes off at the top of the stairs before you enter our space. As your practice develops you may want to invest in your own yoga mat which we sell in the studio OR hire a mat from us for $1 we have all the props you will need in every class.

Yes, we have bathrooms including shower, toilet and space to get changed.

Please bring your own mat and towel to your yoga classes. 

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Email info@divineflowyoga.com or call 0423 265 102.