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How Corporate Yoga Can Benefit Your Team

As workplace wellness gradually becomes the norm as a guide to revive overall well-being in our teams. Employers are now riddled with the need to offer creative and impactful wellness programs in order to bring about a real and authentic difference in employee health, motivation and engagement.

The ancient science of Yoga studies have found preference in the corporate world as a way to revive wellness in our workplace. A growing number of industries are finding that offering Yoga to their employees is a low-cost, preventive and holistic path to reducing stress and anxiety. It is the only form of mindfulness known to increase flexibility, strength, concentration and balance.


Why yoga?

Yoga is not about striving to touch your toes or getting into complicated poses and breathing.  It is a holistic approach to physical and mental health. Corporate Yoga is the extended concept of an inward and outer practice  in the midst of a hectic corporate environment. The ripple effect of yoga is beyond the edges of our mat and is then spread into the workplace.

There is conclusive evidence supporting the fact that offering even just one Yoga session each week brings about changes in employee behaviour by helping them manage stress better, boosts team morale, enhance focus, clarity and creative thinking, improve communication skills and teamwork.


"Tonic Health Media runs a year long program with its customers called the Tonic Healthy Living Series. As part of this program we offer programs that benefit our customers both the body and the mind. The most amazing thing about our program with Divine Flow is that it combines the perfect balance of both. Unwinding in a Divine Flow yoga class is the ultimate way to find balance before work. Eliza's kind, welcoming nature and vibe makes it easy for us corporate students to feel comfortable transitioning into yoga. I love the way she teaches because it really allows me to focus on my breathing and I always leave feeling so relaxed. Such a great way to let go of your surroundings and get in touch with your mind and body. Definitely recommend yoga in the workplace and I will be sure to add this to our wellness program again!!"

Jack Mortlock
Tonic Health Media

"Absolutely love Eliza's yoga classes! I love the way she teaches because it really allows me to focus on my breathing and I always leave feeling so relaxed. Such a great way to let go of your surroundings and get in touch with your mind and body. Definitely recommend!!"

Tammy Sivakumar

"I am 14 years old, and starting Divine Flow Yoga has made a huge impact on my life. I cannot praise Eliza and her studio enough, with a beautiful space, Eliza's gentle voice and inspiring yoga classes are the stand out high point of my week! Each class, from gentle hatha to moderate vinyasa, is the most relaxing, refreshing, grounding, self assuring and stress relieving method I have ever tried. With the stress of exams, school work, time management and studying as a teenager, I have found myself to be noticeably more focused, peaceful and calm since starting Divine Flow Yoga. Eliza will take you through her yoga "flow", which not only centres your mind, but soothes your body and muscles, challenges your strength and relieves pressure as you walk out of her class feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed. Whether you need to shake something off of your mind, connect back within your body, relieve stress and anxiety, strengthen your muscles, get your sleeping back on track, take a break from your busy life, relax, or simply want to have some fun, then you NEED to try a class with Eliza at Divine Flow Yoga! Discovering this practice is honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I would STRONGLY recommend that everyone give it a go!! It is a life-changing hidden gem that I will continue with for the rest of my life. Thank you Eliza for everything xx"

Emily Bakker
Brigidine College, St Ives

Yoga, Anytime, Anywhere, Everywhere

Perhaps the strongest reason for incorporating Yoga into your employees’ wellness routine is the ease with which a corporate Yoga program can be implemented. The only equipment required for a yoga class are some floor mats or towels and a bunch of willing participants with a strong desire for a healthier, more fulfilled, energy boosting life.  A Yoga program can be held just about anywhere such as a conference room or an empty lunchroom.

Starting out in the corporate world myself I thoroughly enjoyed pouring myself onto my mat to relieve those tight hips and stress infused shoulders. Fast forward I am on the other end where I am now holding space for those that land on their mat before, during or after work. Remember, Yoga can be anytime and anywhere.

Divine Flow Yoga works with corporate clients like Sydney University and Tonic Health Media to share wellbeing and the many benefits of corporate yoga among employees and company clients as a result.


Here are our top tips for getting the most out your corporate yoga practise:


Open your chest and heart

We pour a lot of energy into our computer screens that we do not notice the ever increasing natural tendency to become hunched. It is important to release the stress from the upper body. This may affect the way you hold yourself physically (posture) and the way you hold your conversations (mentally).


eliza during corporate yoga class


Yoga pose: Open Your Heart with Anjaneyasana

Specifically opening your hips, thighs and releasing into your shoulders and neck. Dig deep and plunge into the pose as you lift up through your chest. Stay for 3-6 breaths on each side.


Focus and clarity

In the midst of resistance practising yoga can help clear the “chaotic” mind and ease the increasingly growing “to do” list. Take the time for yourself to sharpen your mind and leave your yoga practice feeling refreshed. The power of breath and releasing the body can majorly set the tone of your day. Step into your team meeting with creativity and energy oozing from the inside out. Or at least enjoy the quality time of your phone to unwind and relax the fluctuations of the mind.


corporate yoga in Brookvale Sydney


Yoga pose: Forward fold with arms interlaced overhead. – Uttanasna

Root down through your feet, invite a soft bend into your knees as your drop in with gravity. Hydrate through the spinal discs and plunge into a downward current of energy. Stay for 6- 8 breaths.


Stay grounded

Plunge into your practice without expectations on yourself. Rock up to your corporate practice lighthearted. This approach will ground you and take the edge off being “offline”. So really drop in to this outer / inward practice with your team. Redirect your attention on the steady rise and fall of your belly as we circulate vibrancy and vitality through the body and mind.


sydney corporate yoga at the beach


Yoga pose: Childs pose – Balasna

Knees wide to the edges of your mat, big toes to touch behind, gravitate hips towards your heels and allow your arms to roll forward. Enjoy some deep belly breaths here as you feel the depth of your hips start to relax. Stay here for however long you need. Yoga opens the door for deeper awareness


Strengthen the mind

As much as laying down and holding lush poses are nice… we also need to challenge the physical body alongside our mind. I am big on inviting the yang into your practice and infusing the yang with the suppleness of yin and relaxation. Our mini flow can be a way to stretch and open our chest whilst using breath to cultivate balance.


Mini Vinyasa Flow – Chaturanga Dandasana

Yoga also helps boost morale and interpersonal communication – which for an employer means a respectful and balanced team, eliminating power struggles or sour politics.




We offer yoga to private school colleges on the Northern Beaches and across Sydney, Sydney University and in the workplace around North Shore and Sydney CBD. Divine Flow's Team can come to you morning, during your lunch hour or after work hours.

Practice yoga like no one is around, to the most incredible music..... with an attitude to overcome and transform... even if you fall out.... do it again...do you..always and lastly, practice with passion.

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