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How long have you been practicing pilates and how did you get started?

I’ve been practising pilates now for 2 Years. I found pilates after having my daughter, Lily, as I needed to strengthen my core and repair my abdominal separation. After amazing results, I knew I had to study pilates to share its benefits with more.

What has pilates done for you as a person?

It’s made me really happy within myself. Post baby I struggled a lot with my changed body, I was eating right and breastfeeding and training in a group fitness setting but my core was never getting stronger and I was in fact doing more damage than good to my abdominals so after some research I decided to try pilates and have never looked back. Some would say, I’m addicted. My body has become incredibly toned, my muscles and core strong and my joints are all happy. Practicing pilates also makes me a better mum because it’s time just to myself to focus on my body.

What’s your favorite definition of healing? What facilitates the process?

It’s about healing the body from the inside out, looking at all the roots of cause and not just a quick fix or bandaid. As well as a pilates instructor, I’m also a naturopath and nutritionist so I believe in healing ourselves naturally and holistically, looking at the connection between the body, mind and spirit and starting with changes to diet, lifestyle and herbal or nutritional supplementation. I’m not in any way anti-modern medicine as I think it has its place but for many illness and conditions we can start with a more gentle and natural approach first which honours our body and its intrinsic desire to heal itself.

What advice would you give someone who feels they can’t practice pilates because they don’t feel they have the right kind of body?

Pilates is about creating the right kind of body, strong and toned and free from pain. I didn’t have a “pilates body” before I started and everyone needs to start somewhere. So no matter how out of shape you feel, you can improve on that and once you commit to 1 or 2 classes a week you will be addicted like me! Pilates has lots of modifications for all levels so whether you are a beginner or you want a challenge, we can accommodate for you!

Why practice and teach pilates at Diving Flow Yoga Brookvale, Northern Beaches?

I instantly fell in love with the space at Divine Flow Yoga and with my background in naturopathic medicine I loved the holistic approach to health and wellbeing that divine flow promotes. I love how Divine Flow Yoga supports its members and has created a community, not just a beautiful place to practice yoga and pilates. The ability for members to practice yoga and pilates simultaneously is beneficial for both practices, you will often see me at a weekly yin to yang yoga to unwind. More information: Pilates Brookvale | Pilates Northern Beaches


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