Wedding Yoga

Do you choose to Namaste it on your wedding morning?

6 inspiring reasons to do yoga on your wedding day

It majorly reduces stress

Heighten the sense of relaxation with a smooth slow flow tailored to your bridal party.

It boosts your happiness

This is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Unfortunately, too many brides get caught up in all the little details and family drama to enjoy their wedding the way they really should. Yoga can help with that. It clears your mind, decreases anxiety and promotes a sense of positive energy.

Live in the present moment

Yoga will help to slow down that racing mind of yours. Enjoy the special moment, each glance, each smile and truly embrace your special day. A yoga class will help to unwind the mind and move with grace and ease.


"I met Eliza at her studio in 2018 and instantly fell in love with the yoga space she had created. My wedding was booked for March 2019 and I noticed on the website that Eliza offered pre-wedding yoga. From the moment I asked Eliza about doing a session on the morning of my wedding she made me feel wonderful about it, great communication in the lead up and even included some of my favourite songs in the private yoga class. It was absolutely the best way to start our wedding day, highly recommend it."


"I started my Wedding day doing an early yoga class alongside my bridesmaids in Byron lead by Eliza. I have not done much yoga but I knew it would help to settle some nerves that were flying around. I really had no expectation before the class, but I am SO glad I included it in my day because it completely settled tension around my chest and calmed me down completely. Eliza's lighthearted class allowed us to have fun, giggle and yet feel completely nurtured and grounded. I highly recommend starting your big day with yoga... and if you can! do it with Eliza"

Dani Dean

It improves posture and alignment

A pre-wedding yoga class will help you to stand tall after releasing some weight off your shoulders during your yoga flow. Feel and look good in your photos by gently supporting your posture and alignment.

Rock the yoga glow

Yoga increases your circulation, in turn, giving you that gorgeous glow that all brides seek in those facial appointments.

Yoga balances out your emotions

We have seen tears, laughter and cheekiness in our yoga class, we are here to make sure you have a light practice. You may be surprised at how much yoga can settle your emotions before the big day. Radiate the beautiful and soft you!


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