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What’s on in August at Divine Flow

When life takes hold sometimes all you can do is ride the tide and see where you land. There is something most wonderful about surrender. The moment you give in, you leave your expectations aside and allow what’s next.

In this unrolling of life, in this churning and turning that we find ourselves in, let it happen. Life finds a way. It is the most amazing force. You see it when weeds force their way through concrete, or how over time the ocean turns sharp glass into round jewels. We see it in our faces over a lifetime when our lines and eyes show the truth in our stories. Most of all we must remember instead of flailing let the current carry you. As the quote says, “all may not be as it seems, sometimes we just have to allow the night to pass.”

Our community is stronger than ever and one that is welcoming and warm, and when the students show up no matter what the weather is like, we see you and are here for you. This is our role.

Divine Flow is more than a place to practice. It is a place of healing and growth. Read on for everything to come in August – this final month of winter…

Beginner Program 5 Week Course 

If you’ve never stepped foot inside a yoga studio or if you just want to get back to the basics, our beginner program starting this Monday 5th August is for you.

Feel supported by our senior teachers who will assist you every step of the way and provide adjustments for each pose suited to your individual body needs.

With five weeks of UNLIMITED beginner’s yoga access, you will receive a course guide, weekly informative emails including video content and support from our senior team each step of the way. We can even tailor your beginner experience by giving you a unique class blend specifically for your needs alone.

If you have any questions please get in touch! We are here to help. Email info@divineflowyoga.com

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La Luna: A Monthly Moon Circle for Women with Patrice
August 9th 7.30 – 9.30pm

Divine Flow invites you on a journey of tea, ceremony and celestial magic as we gather together to align with the moon and her astrological rhythms. By joining in a circle we continue the ancient practice of woman-tribe honouring our oneness with nature. Our primordial roots to the earth, sun, moon, stars and each other. In returning to nature we rediscover our wild temple. Our untamed, intuitive self. We remember the way she sounds, feels, moves. The way she knows, guides, listens. We intuit our way home, and our path forward. 

By joining in circle we continue the ancient practice of woman-tribe honouring our oneness with nature.

This month we will explore elements of
– Meditation
– Sharing our hearts in a supportive, safe space
(and please note we would love to hear your voice but sharing is always optional)
– Journalling
– Sound healing and mantra
– The breath
– Embracing the feminine within

Whether you are practised in the art of ritual or just beginning your journey, these circles will meet you where you are. They are designed to be accessible, nourishing and expansive. 

So join us for an empowering start to your lunar month ahead! You are welcome to come as you are. Wear comfy clothing you can move in. Also optional is to bring your crystals to charge with circle magic.

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Stress Management & Nature’s Medicine
Aug 17th 7-8.30pm

Join Health and Life coach Ally Cooper in a guided meditation to unwind from your work week with the use of essential oils. This 10-20 minute meditation will help promote feelings of relaxation, calmness and alignment before we begin a stress management and oils class. This class will include; how to incorporate essential oils to support your emotional health and provide you with the tools to manage your stress through your day-to-day.

It takes only 22 seconds for essential oils to reach your brain and positively affect your emotional state. In this class, you will learn about the benefits of natures medicine, and how you can first turn to these wonderful bottles to help support you in times of need. During the oils class, you will learn about reducing the toxins within your body, home and environment and be equipped with the effective practices and tools that Ally uses within her day-to-day. As a health coach, Ally shares this is one of the reasons she feels very called to share her journey and guide you to take back control of your emotions and health.

Come relax, unwind and enjoy a simple night and learn more about YOU!

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Beginner Vinyasa Integration With Shauna Hawkes
Sept 7th 1-3pm

After the success and buzz around the first 2 workshops, we are thrilled to welcome back Shauna Hawkes into the DF studio to teach our second Beginner Vinyasa Integration session. At Divine Flow, we are bridging the gap between our beginner-friendly classes and our Moderate & Power vinyasa classes. Whether you are brand new to vinyasa yoga and wish to learn more about it or have been practising for years, we will meet you exactly where you are! This is the perfect blend of integrating movement and breath.

By completing this workshop you will build confidence to progress from a beginners class or beginner program to all level DF classes.

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Blog Post: How To Strengthen Your Brain by Sherrie Laryse

When it comes to memory, it’s a part of our brain called the hippocampus which acts like a USB stick to hold all of our short-term memories until they are moved over to our analogical hard drive for long-term storage. As we all age, it is the hippocampus which becomes vulnerable to a reduction in volume and thus destruction to our short-term memory.

Yoga has been at the heart of multiple studies looking at the relationship between this age-old form of movement and the strengthening of people’s memories…

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Practice yoga like no one is around, to the most incredible music..... with an attitude to overcome and transform... even if you fall out.... do it again...do you..always and lastly, practice with passion.

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