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Winter leaves

What’s on in July at Divine Flow

Winter is the season of introspection, manifesting, integration, hibernation, and surrender. It’s the perfect time to curl into your practice and go deeper. Find out everything we have in store for you at Divine Flow in July below.

La Luna: A Monthly Moon Circle for Women with Patrice – July 5th

Divine Flow invites you on a journey of tea, ceremony and celestial magic as we gather together to align with the moon and her astrological rhythms. By joining in a circle we continue the ancient practice of woman-tribe honouring our oneness with nature. Our primordial roots to the earth, sun, moon, stars and each other. In returning to nature we rediscover our wild temple. Our untamed, intuitive self. We remember the way she sounds, feels, moves. The way she knows, guides, listens. We intuit our way home, and our path forward. 

By joining in circle we continue the ancient practice of woman-tribe honouring our oneness with nature.

This month we will explore elements of
– Meditation
– Sharing our hearts in a supportive, safe space
(and please note we would love to hear your voice but sharing is always optional)
– Journalling
– Sound healing and mantra
– The breath
– Embracing the feminine within

Whether you are practised in the art of ritual or just beginning your journey, these circles will meet you where you are. They are designed to be accessible, nourishing and expansive. 

So join us for an empowering start to your lunar month ahead! You are welcome to come as you are. Wear comfy clothing you can move in. Also optional is to bring your crystals to charge with circle magic.

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New Schedule

We are deeply grateful for your response to our latest survey. You have asked for more Power. Our new 5pm Power Vinyasa starts this week with Eliza Giles every Monday. We will sprinkle two new classes in the following weeks keep your eyes on our growing schedule. Please book in via Mindbody ahead of class.

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IGNITE – Awakening The Inner Fire

July 20th 5 – 7.30pm

Join facilitators Phillida Bartik and Eliza Giles for this seasonal workshop to awaken your inner fire and fuel the alchemy of purifying.

Winter is a season of stillness and inertia and the body naturally responds accordingly to this. What we don’t process we store and maintain, and this is not always the substance that is nourishing and supportive of our growth. This practice will ignite the potential to transform and cleanse the stagnant energies of winter through traditional breath practices, cleansing processes, movement and meditation.

In this workshop, we will work to incinerate the unwanted thought and behaviour structures that leave us feeling agitated and exhausted while restoring the vitality of our essence as we amplify the clarity of our innate power.

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Beginner Program Early Bird Offer  

Join our 20th Beginner Program starting Monday 5th August 2019! An invitation to give yoga a go just as you are. With five weeks of beginners yoga you will receive a course guide, weekly informative emails and support from our senior team for just $89. 

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The Teenage Brain by Sherrie Laryse

Something happens to us all once we become teenagers. From about 12 years old, we begin to change and there is a natural phase of remodelling in the architecture of the brain.

At this time, adolescents partially withdraw from thinking with a section of their brain called the prefrontal cortex. This is the part which is related to logical, rational thinking as well as calculating risk. This part of the brain becomes subdued during this phase with adolescents reverting back to the limbic brain (commonly referred to as the animal brain!) and specifically the amygdala. The amygdala is known for being emotional. The amygdala is that part of the brain which is responsible for survival instincts. It is the part which judges every single situation we are in and asks, “am I safe or am I in danger?”

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Practice yoga like no one is around, to the most incredible music..... with an attitude to overcome and transform... even if you fall out.... do it again...do you..always and lastly, practice with passion.

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