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What's on in June Yoga

What’s on in June at Divine Flow

This month at Divine Flow we’re heating things up with hot yoga, new workshops, and we’re welcoming some new incredible teachers to the team! Read on for everything to come in June. 

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La Luna: A Monthly Moon Circle for Women with Citadel – June 7th

Citadel is a multi-faceted singer/songwriter and a healer passionate about creating spaces through sound, energy and song that support you to re-connect to your true self, experience joy, healing and expansion. Citadel draws on an intuitive blend of tools that support healing including reiki, meditation, breath work, chanting and sound healing.

By joining in circle we continue the ancient practice of woman-tribe honouring our oneness with nature.

This month we will explore elements of
– Meditation
– Sharing our hearts in a supportive, safe space
(and please note we would love to hear your voice but sharing is always optional)
– Journalling
– Sound healing and mantra
– The breath
– Embracing the feminine within

Whether you are practiced in the art of ritual or just beginning your journey, these circles will meet you where you are. They are designed to be accessible, nourishing and expansive. 

So join us for an empowering start to your lunar month ahead! You are welcome to come as you are. Wear comfy clothing you can move in. Also optional is to bring your crystals to charge with circle magic.

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Beginner Vinyasa Integration with Shauna Hawkes – June 8th

After the success and buzz around the first workshop, we are thrilled to welcome back Shauna Hawkes into the DF studio to teach our second Beginner Vinyasa Integration session. At Divine Flow we are bridging the gap between our beginner friendly classes and our Moderate & Power vinyasa classes. Whether you are brand new to vinyasa yoga and wish to learn more about it or have been practicing for years, we will meet you exactly where you are! This is the perfect blend of integrating movement and breath.

By completing this workshop you will build confidence to progress from a beginners class or beginner program to all level DF classes.

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New Heat Bar – Heated Power Vinyasa

Hot yoga is one of the best ways to warm up during the coldest months of the year! We have now launched heated classes at Divine Flow Yoga look out for these on our timetable. Not only does hot yoga help you to sweat out toxins, but practicing hot yoga loosens stiff muscles, and creates flexibility in your body and joints. If your hands and feet are always cold, even a few minutes in a hot yoga room can increase circulation and help spread heat from your core outwards towards your fingers and toes. Stay healthy this winter by sweating it out on your mat!

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Beginner Program Early Bird Offer  

Join our 20th Beginner Program starting Monday 5th August 2019! An invitation to give yoga a go just as you are. With five weeks of beginners yoga you will receive a course guide, weekly informative emails and support from our senior team for just $89. 

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New faces at Divine Flow

Welcoming Rose, Philli, Eliza & Sherrie

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