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What’s on in September at Divine Flow

With the transition into Spring, a season of new beginnings and renewal. We now shift from the hibernation of Winter as sunlight paves longer days, we are invited to open up, cleanse and cultivate a spirit of aliveness. We are delighted to also open up to you a bigger schedule and more classes! Something we are always striving towards – growth! Today we announce three new classes starting this month that energises, fuels and replenishes.

Something to be apart of.

Japanese Yoga – launches Thursday 19th September 9.30am

Breath and movement are yoga’s tools to distinguish it from exercise. With this style of yoga it is very much an individual journey. The style is mainly floor based and comprised of a series of therapeutic exercises to enable everyone access to attempt traditional poses in a safe way.

Mum & Bub Club – launches Thursday 19th September 11am

A guided and relaxed setting for mum to arrive on her mat. This class is designed to replenish, nourish and activate mama whilst having her baby nearby. If you need to feed, soothe or just cuddle your little one this hour is for you.

Yoga to Surf – launches Saturday 21st September 7.00am

Followed by an optional community surf with Andrew
“There is a deep relationship between Yoga and Surfing” – Gerry Lopez
Ever wanted to feel stronger, more free and calm in the surf?
Start your weekend with a Surf specific yoga practice followed by a surf at a local break (optional) after class. The practice will aim to increase your core stability, flexibility and calm the mind specifically tailored to improve your surfing, whether you are a beginner in the water or a competitive surfer – all levels welcome.

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La Luna: A Monthly Moon Circle for Women with Patrice
September 13th 7.30 – 9.30pm

Divine Flow invites you on a journey of tea, ceremony and celestial magic as we gather together to align with the moon and her astrological rhythms. By joining in a circle we continue the ancient practice of woman-tribe honouring our oneness with nature. Our primordial roots to the earth, sun, moon, stars and each other. In returning to nature we rediscover our wild temple. Our untamed, intuitive self. We remember the way she sounds, feels, moves. The way she knows, guides, listens. We intuit our way home, and our path forward. 

By joining in circle we continue the ancient practice of woman-tribe honouring our oneness with nature.

This month we will explore elements of
– Meditation
– Sharing our hearts in a supportive, safe space
(and please note we would love to hear your voice but sharing is always optional)
– Journalling
– Sound healing and mantra
– The breath
– Embracing the feminine within

Whether you are practised in the art of ritual or just beginning your journey, these circles will meet you where you are. They are designed to be accessible, nourishing and expansive. 

So join us for an empowering start to your lunar month ahead! You are welcome to come as you are. Wear comfy clothing you can move in. Also optional is to bring your crystals to charge with circle magic.

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Beginner Vinyasa Integration With Shauna Hawkes
Sept 14th 1-3pm

After the success and buzz around the first 2 workshops, we are thrilled to welcome back Shauna Hawkes into the DF studio to teach our second Beginner Vinyasa Integration session. At Divine Flow, we are bridging the gap between our beginner-friendly classes and our Moderate & Power vinyasa classes. Whether you are brand new to vinyasa yoga and wish to learn more about it or have been practising for years, we will meet you exactly where you are! This is the perfect blend of integrating movement and breath.

By completing this workshop you will build confidence to progress from a beginners class or beginner program to all level DF classes. 

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This is Yoga
September 29th 12-12pm with Sherrie Laryse

We’ll start by moving the whole body. Oxygenating the blood. Engaging the muscles. Then we’ll slow the practice right down and relax every muscle, relax every part of the body into a Yin practice to reach into the deeper parts of you – connective tissues, bones, joints – all the while learning techniques to reduce and dissolve stress.

Finally, we’ll find stillness in the body as we focus on relaxing the mind. The meditative practice of Yoga Nidra is commonly used for PTSD due to its profound impact to balance the mind and therefore balance you emotionally. If you have any stress in your life, this integrative restoration practice is for you.

Hatha Yoga. Yin Yoga. Yoga Nidra. This is Yoga.

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Blog Post: The Why And The Way Of Gratitude by Sherrie Laryse

When you take the time to look for what you are thankful about in the world, your world begins to take the shape of a world you are thankful for.

You can literally rewire your brain, by strengthening particular neural connections, to see the world through a lens of gratitude. This does not mean rose-tinted glasses. You can be thankful for learning through hardship, growing through challenge, for being resourceful through tough times. It doesn’t mean those times weren’t tough, rather that you appreciate the lessons and growth that the experience gifted you with. You find the silver lining..

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Practice yoga like no one is around, to the most incredible music..... with an attitude to overcome and transform... even if you fall out.... do it again...do you..always and lastly, practice with passion.

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