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Yoga for moving mums

Core – Yoga Boat

When you hear the word core you typically just imagine strong, hard and toned muscles, the core consists of muscles that surround the midsection. To reduce the ever present lower back pain and repair the abdominal muscles that have been stretched beyond recognition during pregnancy we look at strengthening your back and hips to work in with your midsection. We offer basics to rebuild and restore your core strength like boat pose. Whilst targeting the abdomen, hip flexors and spine you will also improve digestion and relieve stress.



Balance on your tailbone and sitting bones, Knees bent 45 degrees and arms tracking in line with your toes, keep your chest lifted and do not round into the spine.



Low blood pressure, menstruation, pregnancy. Please see your health care professional for any serious side effects post pregnancy. Alternatively scan your body for any pain before challenging it.

Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is a pranayama technique best practiced before, during and after birth. As your new role progresses functional movement is a non negotiable part of your daily routine. The practice of belly breathing is a fundamental tool to enhance the connection of your core as a unit.



Lie down with a natural curvature in the spine, ground hands to the lower belly, inhale let your belly expand into the hands whilst maintaining a relaxed chest. Exhale and let the air expel slowly feeling the belly deflate, feel into the natural engagement of the transverse abdominals  as they work in unison with pelvic floor.


A shift in energy can challenge the physical and mental state of your routine. A highly accessible pose for our moving mums is Warrior 2. After recovering from childbirth our bodies need time to slowly shift gears and apply strength. Known to increase stamina and it also relieves back aches commonly seen throughout a  pregnancy.



Stand with front knee over ankle and the back leg lunged out with the foot slightly angles. Lift arms so they are parallel to the floor, keep the side body long and upright and shoulders drawn down.



High blood pressure.

Pelvic Floor – Bridge Pose with a block

The pelvic floor consists of layers of muscles and under great strain your pelvic floor muscles can weaken. It is encouraged to continue pelvic exercises during pregnancy and after birth as the muscles are deeply stretched. To assist the body in repairing and to strengthen the control of your bladder.



Lie on the spine and bend the knees, feet grip to the floor hip width distance apart, be sure to brush the heels with your fingertips, place a block in between the legs, press the shoulders into the floor and lift the hips to the ceiling whilst maintaining a glute activation. Lastly, squeeze the block and pulse with the chin slightly tucked towards the chest. Hold for 5-15 breaths and exhale to carefully release the spine to the floor.



Always seek professional help if there is any pain or discomfort.

Mindful Mums – Ujjayi breathing

An ancient yogic breathing technique, Ujjiayi breath is accessible for a  busy mum on the go, a mum holding a fussy baby or a great way to soothe and calm your baby. Try Ujjiayi breath which is a breath pattern of inhaling through the nose and on the exhale, keep the lips sealed whilst slowly constricting the muscles in the back of the throat. The deep rhythmic breathe has balancing influences on the entire nervous system. It helps to release irritation, frustration and a busy mind and it will increase blood flow, energy, self awareness and many more benefits for the mum and baby.

This video series was created by Tonic Health Media. 

Practice yoga like no one is around, to the most incredible music..... with an attitude to overcome and transform... even if you fall out.... do it again...do you..always and lastly, practice with passion.

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